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Dietitian for Runners

Confidently fuel, train and nourish your body so you can go the distance.

In running and in life.

You know nutrition plays a critical role in the success of your training, your energy and the health of your body — but you’re not sure where to start.

You don’t lack the drive to commit to a plan or the discipline to follow through — but you need a little help when it comes to fueling your body for training, recovery, and your day-to-day life. Sure — you could keep feeling stuck, spinning your wheels and continuing to throw things at the wall hoping, praying that it will stick — but you’re craving an expert who will take you step-by-step, customize your nutrition to you, your goals, and your lifestyle and be there for support along the way. So you can get to a place where you can confidently fuel your body, all on your own, for years and years to come. 

The Dietitian Runner partners with female runners to help them confidently fuel, train and nourish their bodies for running and for life.

Nutrition for Female Runners

How to Work with The Dietitian Runner

1:1 Coaching

A fully personalized coaching engagement in one of three options: Nutrition Coaching only, or Nutrition, Running & Strength Coaching, or  Running & Strength Coaching only.


Group Nutrition Program

A 12-week coaching program designed specifically for runners looking for evidenced-based nutritional guidance and a community of runners to encourage and empower them. 



Speaking Engagements

Emily’s dedication to helping runners optimize their nutrition, meet training goals and build confidence stems beyond her coaching programs. If you’re interested in having Emily share her nutrition and training expertise at your upcoming nutrition clinic, conference or event, connect with her at

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Nutritionist for Runners

Emily Moore, RD, CPT
Founder, The Dietitian Runner

As a Registered Dietitian, Emily has a passion for equipping people with factual information about their nutritional needs. As a marathoner and endurance athlete, Emily has an acute awareness of both the physical and mental components of rigorous training.

As The Dietitian Runner, she combines her clinical training and love for running to help runners optimize their training and their life through nutrition, running and strength coaching.