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Maximize Your Morning: High Protein Athlete Breakfast Ideas 

An image of a high protein smoothie

Maximize your morning with a high protein athlete breakfast! Protein is a powerful macronutrient for runners! Protein is made up of amino acids which your body uses to repair muscle, build muscle and make hormones. A high protein breakfast will fill you up, keep you fuller longer, support your body’s recovery (especially after a morning […]

Busy Athlete Meal Prep: the Pantry Staples You Need!

An image showing frozen foods to make athlete meal prep easy and quick

You’re a busy runner who knows how important your nutrition is for your daily life, running and your goals. You know it would be helpful to meal plan, grocery shop and meal prep ahead of your busy week but your weekends are busy and you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it… […]

How to Stop Thinking About Food All the Time

An image showing a woman thinking about food

It’s normal to spend some time thinking about food, like planning what you’re going to eat for the upcoming week or standing in your kitchen in the morning thinking about what you’re in the mood for for breakfast. But it’s not normal to be constantly thinking about food.  Thinking about food 24/7 may make you […]

Meal Prep for Athletes: a 6-Step Guide 

A graphic of an athlete lunch example

So many athletes make meal prep way too complicated. Today we are covering the benefits of meal prepping for athletes and my 6-step guide so that you can meal prep for your week without spending hours in the kitchen on your precious weekends!  Benefits of meal prepping: Avoid these top meal prep mistakes: My 6-Step […]

The Ultimate Guide to an Athlete Breakfast

As a Sports Dietitian who works with endurance runners, here is a problem I see all the time- runners not eating enough during the first half of their day. This leads to low energy, decreased performance and recovery, thinking about food all the time, craving sweets and overeating at night.  Starting the day with a […]

Welcome to The Dietitian Runner

Welcome to The Dietitian Runner Blog! My name is Emily Moore, founder of The Dietitian Runner! I am so thrilled that you’re here and interested in becoming more confident with your nutrition and training as a runner!  To learn more about me and what I offer, head here. I help runners with nutrition, running and […]