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 Your daily nutrition is the foundation for EVERYTHING..


Your energy 

To feel good and have the energy to do all the things that you do in your daily life and to workout 


Your health

To support the many organs and systems in your body so you can function optimally and live a long, healthy life 


Your running

To run strong, feel good and avoid hitting the wall during workouts


Your performance 

To race well and smash your goals



It all starts with building a strong nutrition foundation through daily nutrition 


Your nutrition is so much more than how you fuel before, during and after workouts. In fact, if you have a lot of gaps and holes in your daily nutrition, how you fuel around your workouts is not going to make much of a difference..



If you’re finding yourself..


  • Overwhelmed with all the nutrition information out there and knowing what pertains to your body as a runner
  • Frustrated with always guessing what, how much and when to eat
  • Struggling with knowing how to fuel your body without being tied to a tracking app or meal plan
  • Feeling stuck, knowing that your nutrition could use some optimizing and improving but you’re lacking the nutrition knowledge of how to go about that
  •  Lacking energy in your daily life and during workouts
  •  Frustrated that your performance isn’t improving

.. this program may be a beautiful fit for you



In the Fuel Your Everyday Life Program, I will provide you with step-by-step guidance to help you fuel your body in a sustainable way so you never have to rely on a meal plan or tracking app for your nutrition again. I will help you learn how to optimize your nutrition, not restrict it, because that is going to set you up so well in both the short and long-term



This program is for you if..


  •  You want to feel confident about your food choices and fueling your body for years and years to come
  • You’re looking to understand the WHY behind your nutrition so you can make the best food choices to fuel your body and goals
  • You want to nourish your body well without being tied to a tracking app or meal plan
  • Your goal is to feel more energized during the day and during your workouts
  • You want to do everything in your power to support an adequate recovery in-between workouts
  • You want to run strong, feel good and hit your running goals


Close the gaps, fill in the holes and create a strong nutrition foundation 


In the Fuel Your Everyday Life Program, we’re covering:

An image showing the modules covered in this program


 You’ll gain the knowledge, the strategies AND have steps to implement (because knowledge isn’t really any good if you don’t know how to implement it, right)?! 


To help you through this process and to make sure your questions are answered, I am hosting 3 live monthly Q&A group calls where we can connect, you can connect with other runners, ask your all of your questions and learn from others! More details to come.


Properly fuel your body, gain confidence in your food choices, improve your energy and set yourself up for running for years to come!


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