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The Racing Nutrition Course

Are you tired of training for months at a time only to be let down on race day because you hit the wall, experience low energy, have GI issues and struggle with knowing what it’s like to have a strong race? 


Nutrition is a HUGE part of racing and can make or break a race, especially for a long distance race like a half marathon or marathon. 


When you get close to race day, do you freak out and think “what am I going to eat the night before the race? What do I eat in the morning? How am I going to fuel and hydrate during the race? What electrolytes do I need?” This brings up tons of stress and anxiety about your nutrition and how it’s actually going to pan out on race day- will it all come together and be ok? Or is it all going to fall a part and ruin my race?


Can you image waking up race morning feeling confident with your nutrition plan and having no worries or stress about it at all?  


The RACING NUTRITION COURSE is going to help you do just that. 


Whether your goal is to BQ, PR or finish the race feeling strong, you’ll walk away with a strong racing nutrition plan that will help you reach your goals on race day. Because you’ve trained for months and deserve to have a strong race. 


This is for you if


What's Covered:

Before the Race

  • Carb Loading
  • Hydration
  • Dinner the night before
  • Breakfast the morning of
  • Fueling for a race with a late start time

During the Race

  • Carbohydrates
  • Fluids and electrolytes
  • Fuel shopping tips
  • Racing nutrition logistics like carrying fuel, fluids & electrolytes
  • Race simulation

After the Race

  • Nutrition immediately post-race
  • Nutrition the 2-3 days after the race
  • How to adjust your nutrition after that

What’s Included:

Ready to feel confident in your racing nutrition?

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