What if you could shift your mindset, ditch food rules, guilt, stress, anxiety and fears and start living a free, more enriched life? 


Are you fed up with being tied to food rules, feeling guilty for what you eat, being stressed out by food and worried about every single thing that you put in your mouth? 

I get it because that used to be me.

Right now you’re struggling with:

As a Dietitian with years of experience, I’ve helped many people make these mindset shifts and get to a better place with their mindset and relationship with food and their bodies 

And I can help you do the same in the


In this 8-week program, learn how to make mindset shifts so you can let go of restriction and start living a free, more enriched life. Shift your mindset, nourish and respect your body 

“Working with Emily has been a total game changer, not only for my running, but for my life! Before I started working with Emily, I was underfueling, struggling to get through my workouts and just generally feeling exhausted. As much as I never really wanted to acknowledge it, food had such a hold on me. That hold impacted my ability not only to run, but to get through my day. I knew I needed to heal my relationship with food. I now see food as fuel and not something to fear. One of the biggest joys in working with Emily however, has been healing my mind. I’m no longer bound by rules, I enjoy meals out with friends, and I feel better than I ever have. Mind, body and soul.. I am completely transformed.” 

 This program will be on a platform called Kartra. Each week, there will be a live lesson via zoom or a prerecorded lesson that will be dropped into the Kartra platform. Each live lesson will be recorded and uploaded into the Kartra platform in case you can’t attend the live. You’ll be able to sign in, watch the lesson on your own time and not miss a thing! After each lesson, I will be giving you steps to implement so you can apply everything that you’ll learn and be able to make beautiful changes to your mindset and your life. 

After the program, you’ll be able to still access all of the content and go back to watch as many lessons as you want, as many times as you want!

We start on April 10th! 

Enroll now for $597 or 3 monthly payments of $205.


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